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Exploring Paths for Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Embarking on a career as a Virtual Assistant (VA) opens up various paths and options. This article explores the diverse avenues available for individuals aspiring to become VAs, providing insights into different employment structures.

When becoming a VA one of the most important things you will need to decide is how you are going to structure your new career. Here are 4 different options you can choose from. Keep in mind, your decision may change as you learn more so understanding every avenue is vital to setting your self up for success.

An employee with a Virtual Assistant Company (W2):

Joining a virtual assistant company as an employee offers stability and a supportive work structure. This option is suitable for those seeking a more traditional employment arrangement within the virtual assistance realm.

Contractor with a Virtual Assistant Company (1099):

Opting for a contractor role with a virtual assistant company provides flexibility and independence. This choice allows VAs to enjoy the benefits of a contractor status while collaborating with established virtual assistant companies.

Freelancing on Platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, etc.):

Explore the freedom of being an independent contractor on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. This option enables VAs to showcase their skills to a diverse client base, offering flexibility and the opportunity to define their service offerings.

Entrepreneurial Venture:

For those seeking ultimate independence, starting your own virtual assistant business allows you to build a brand and shape your destiny. This entrepreneurial path grants VAs the freedom to set their own rules and create a unique niche in the virtual assistance landscape.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a journey filled with opportunities and choices. By understanding the advantages, steps, and options available, aspiring VAs can navigate their path strategically, unlocking a world of flexibility, prosperity, and personal fulfillment in the realm of virtual assistance.


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