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New Year. New Course.

Start Your Training off Right - Becoming a Virtual Assistant

5 Hour Course! Work at your own pace, access to go back and review all material.


Virtual Assistant Course
Become a Virtual Assistant

Obtain all the knowledge and skill sets required to work from home as a successful Virtual Assistant.

  • General Management

  • Design & Digital Marketing, AI Prompts

  • Strategy Tactics and Initiatives

  • Access to dozens of templates

  • Designed with you in mind! 



VA Bytes
Monthly Subscription

Join our monthly subscription service that provides continued support and education to work from home executive assistants.

  • Bi-weekly Live Session

  • Continued Education Trainings

  • Library of Resources

  • Community

  • Newsletters and article access!


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Invest in Yourself and the Career You want to have

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Virtual Assisting allows you to have the flexibility and control of your schedule and office location.  As a virtual assistant, you have the freedom to expand as you see fit within your career. You will have the chance to expand your skill set and develop your areas of expertise in ways you never would have had the chance to before.

Improve your Work-Life Balance

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The ability to work whenever and wherever you want is one of the most appealing aspects of becoming a virtual assistant (VA). If you forgo the traditional workday of nine to five, you will have more flexibility to work around the many obligations and commitments in your life. This new manner of working may also give for a much healthier balance between work and personal responsibilities.

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Credibility and Design

Our course on how to become a virtual assistant was meticulously crafted and developed by pioneers in the virtual assistant industry who have a combined total of more than 20 years of experience in the sector. University Professors, Ph.D Professionals, Behavioral Specialists, Virtual Assistants, and Top Executives worked together to design the content for this course to ensure that it is comprehensive and accurate.

This course design caters to a variety of students' preferred methods of education thanks to its personalized design.

Course Objectives

Course Mission

Build a strong foundation on understanding the operations of a business and how administrative support is essential to key functionalities and growth. Establish a solid groundwork by gaining an awareness of the inner workings of a company and the role that administrative assistance plays in the company's core functions and overall expansion.

Michelle Carbone

"I love the flexibility of working from home and the ability to work with clients from different businesses. It always keeps things interesting."
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Subscribe to our live and on-demand continuing education training courses that we hold every other week. Connect with a knowledgeable person in real time, receive answers to your project questions, participate in breakout sessions, and learn new skills. Get unlimited access to our library of trainings to help you reach your full potential!


Enhance Your Resources

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Don't wait to start a job that works for you!

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